Yes Adults Allowed


You are invited!


muka displays 40 exclusive Youth Prints that have sold out and are no longer for sale ...     

muka shows 40 paintings by the authors of the Youth Prints

and this time: adults can see and buy the paintings!


and of course muka’s  “Adult Free Zone” is also open 


2014-15-16 selection:

New Zealand: Michael Armstrong, Philippa Blair, Mark Braunias, Dean Buchanan, Fane Flaws, Otis Frizzell, Murray Grimsdale, Michael Harrison, Peter Lambert, Kathryn Madill, Brendan McGorry, Patrick Malone, Robert McLeod, Julia Morison, John Papas, Paul Radford, John Reynolds, Peter Roche, Michel Tuffery, Ruth Watson

Australia: Terry Matassone, Lewis Miller, Guiseppe Romeo, Richard Stringer, Jenny Watson

Belgium: Chantal Chapelle, Frans Baetens, Annemie Van Kerckhoven

Brazil: Roberto Cabot

The Netherlands: Raph de Haas, Jasper Krabbé, Harald Vlught

Germany:  Hans Peter Adamski, Peter Bömmels, Michael Jäger, Norbert Schwontkowski\

Denmark: Michael Kvium, Bjorn Norgaard 

USA: Rodney Greenbladt, Olu Oguibe



The Muka Youth Prints will be at the Auckland Art Gallery on Sat 3 and Sunday 4 December 

Muka Gallery will be closed on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December