Nationality: The Netherlands
Website: Website
Born: 1967 in Tilburg, The NetherlandsCharlotte Schleiffert produces enormous, bold, spontaneous paintings, so it was fascinating to see her take to the technique of printmaking which requires careful planning – and that on an almost miniature scale!

But monumentality has nothing to do with size.

Schleiffert is a whirlwind, a cyclone moving fast all over the world without settling, rushing through cities and countries, picking things up and throwing them onto a heap, today here, tomorrow at the other side of the world. As an artist she grabs images – thousands of them, from popular magazines, movies, billboards, the streets, art collections – violently mixing them in order to shout her anger and her joy with equal power and urgency, unafraid to demonstrate her feelings and thoughts.

The images in the prints, based on pop magazine photos, feel as if they are compressed into this small scale and therefore about to explode in your face.