MCGORRY, Brendan

Nationality: New Zealand
Website: Website
Born in 1966 in Auckland, New Zealand
Brendan describes his work as a celebration of life from the everyday to the spiritual. Inspiration comes from the realm of the soul, children’s art, the premature, the gesturing paintings of the abstract expressionists and the outrageous scribbles of Appell and Dubbyett.
The result of these influences is very humanistic art, which through its progress holds a depth and complexity that is entirely McGorry’s own.

Like his art, Brendan McGorry’s career as an artist has followed an unconventional route. After graduating from Ilam Art School at Canterbury University in 1986, McGorry quickly gained a foothold in the competitive Auckland gallery scene by having a critically acclaimed solo exhibition at the age of 22. He continued to exhibit nationally until 1994 at which point McGorry focused on creating independent ‘Guerrilla’ events in his studio and other locations.
Now after a period of study under the New York School in Italy, Brendan McGorry has re-emerged with with examining and exploring those aspects of New Zealand males that defines them as such : the environments and genealogy that make up their identities.