Nationality: The Netherlands
Website: Website
Born: Deventer, 1971
Lives and works in Amsterdam

Artist’s statement.

My work is a continuous experiment in which I combine drawings into installations. I try to let them interact up to the point that they tell story’s.
In an exhibition space I build landscapes and places where we can live and survive. These places are safe places that we have conquered on nature. Animals will guide us.
The drawings are partly made on location. While making them I try, in an intuitive way, to create a “tension” between them, the space they are in and the installation. The drawings become “actors” in a landscape made out of carton and plain wood.
This working process is like a relay race. Concepts, forms or elements of drawings/paintings and installations are used in successive projects.

I observe the cultivation of the artificial landscape in my direct surrounding and find it interesting how humans and animals act in it or deal with it.

Gerben Hermanus, June 2005.