VLUGT, Harald

Nationality: The Netherlands
Website: Website
Harald Vlught

Born in 1957 in Bergen (N-H) NL

Educated as a sculptor, Harald Vlugt has since 1981 also been active in other visual art fields.
Apart from his sculpture, he has been working for twenty years on collages, which he defines as “Flat sculptures”. Graphic art too has always had his special attention. In the eighties he worked mainly on photographic etchings and silkscreen prints. In the nineties he focused on the (more refined) stone-printing process

In 1997 he presented a conceptual work Hotel Europe (a travel journey without a traveller). This 7 by 6 metre art piece was first exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, travelling later to Paris, Aruba and Trinidad in the West Indies.

While living in Amsterdam in the eighties, Harald Vlugt was a founder of one of Holland’s biggest alternative galleries. At the moment, he works with galleries in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, and New York. In 1988 he was represented at the Venice Biennale.

From 1990 to1995 he designed and produced all the ornaments and sculptures for a palace in Nagasaki (Japan). He has been working on a gigantic project in Amsterdam with Scottish colleague David Mach. The project consists of nineteen outdoor works at the location of the former Ajax soccer stadium. One of the works is 200 metres long and three works will be 35 metres high.

In 2004 Vlugt was commissioned to produce a number of major works for the ‘Queen Mary II’, the biggest cruise ship in the world (it has 14 decks!), currently under construction at two different shipyards in France and Italy. In 2010 he made a large collage for another cruise ship in the Amsterdam-Miami line.