H°JLUND, Anette

Nationality: Denmark
Website: Website
Born in 1960, Lives and works as lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark

From 1998 to1999, Anette Højlund lived for a year in Japan and, like every 20th-century traveler (especially in Japan), she made extensive use of the 20th-century’s traveler’s notebook: the camera.

Anette Højlund is fascinated by the act of “seeing”.

"…What attracts me so much in photography. Suddenly to stand in front of something - a very intense feeling of being present. And when the picture is finished and is "there", I stand ….as a viewer again in front of something, the photo And then what is that something? It is exactly what is NOT there."

She is also intrigued by people’s "gaze".

“We see each other and try to find out what the other one is.
But how much can we actually see of the other’s “otherness”?